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Halloween Party Pt. 1

My boyfriend told me to meet him over at his friend's house for a Halloween party on the southeast side of town. I didn't feel like going to the party alone as I heard of some pretty sketchy things happening down there. My dad also told me that the reason for this is because a lot of black people live on that side of town. My boyfriend told me not to worry about it as what people say about black people on TV isn't exactly true. I believed him because growing up in the typical American suburbia on the northwest side of town the only black people I had seen were on TV or in the movies.

For the party I decided to dress up as Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider games back in the 90's. My shorts were exactly that... short. My ass was practically hanging out of them. The tank top wasn't much better either, with my nipples being visible for the whole world to see. However, since it was a dark night I figured that it wouldn't be that bad to be out dressed like this.

I found out that my father was right when I got down to the neighborhood that the party was in. Black men were everywhere! They were in the streets, stores and on the buses. At the time I wasn't used to seeing them. But now here I am with them all around me. I really started to worry when there was no parking out front of the house. I ended up having to park about 4 blocks down the road and there were groups of black men loitering around on every block.

I got out of my car and started to walk towards the party. As I passed the first group of black men I felt all of their eyes on me. I felt so vulnerable almost as if I were walking completely naked. The second group of black men that I started to cross on the same block did the same thing. However, they cat called me and one of them said, "I'll make you my perfect snow bunny by raiding your tomb!"

I felt embarrassed by this. But at the same time I was turned on. I didn't even know what a snow bunny was, just that I know that I kind of liked being called one. However, I just kept walking and crossed the street of the first block. Feeling my pussy getting wetter and wetter the more I think about being called a snow bunny. "What is it and why am I so turned on by it" I said to myself in my head.

As I passed the third group of black men the same thing happened. They undressed me with their eyes and cat called me. However this time one of them smacked my ass. I flinched but continued walking. Not saying anything. But in my mind it was a battle between myself and my wet horny pussy. I had never been so turned on before. All I knew is that I felt like a slut, and having the attention of all these black men just made it even more erotic. A part of me wanted to be their little sex slave and have their big fat black cocks in all my little white holes.

As I crossed the street of the second block marking the halfway point from my car and the party. I noticed a fourth group of guys. These guys seemed different though. There was one in the group that was at least six and a half feet tall with very dark skin composition. He was muscular and you could tell the leader of the group. The other seven men all ranged in size and stature however, none of them were less than six-feet-tall. As I started to walk past them they all dwarfed my tiny 5’5’’ frame. I was deep in thought thinking about what it would be like to be with a black man and that’s when I heard, “Hey baby.”

The leader of the group said as he also grabbed my arm to stop me. “You lookin’ fine tonight. You got some nice titties there. You wanna come home with me so you can put them to good use?” I looked up at him and met him in his eyes. He smiled down on me revealing his gold teeth. I then noticed a teardrop tattoo. Being immediately intimidated by this I quickly looked down. To my surprise there was an outline of a massive cock running down the left side of his jeans. I couldn’t believe how huge it was! It must have been at least a foot long and as thick as a coke can. At that moment I couldn’t even imagine taking a cock that large let alone sucking on it.

I wanted to tell him that I’m good and continue walking to the party. But something deep down inside of me hesitated. The battle between my dripping wet pussy and my brain was concluding, and my pussy was winning. I wanted this man’s cock. I wanted him to fuck me, use me, and make me a whore. At that moment I wanted to know what it felt like to have a black man cum inside of me. I turned to him and said, “Yes. take me home with you.”

He smiled, gave his muscular black friends a thumbs up, took me by the hand and said, “Good little slut!”

He led the way in the opposite direction of the party. On our way to his place we passed several more groups of black men. However, this time they were no longer undressing me with their eyes, or cat calling me. They all kept to themselves. As we passed one group of men I looked back to see if they were even trying to get a glimpse of my ass. Instead, the only thing I saw was his posse of seven black men following us.

As we made our way down a graffiti filled back alleyway we made it to his place. He opened the door and let me in. Once I was inside I noticed it was a nice clean simple apartment with nice wood floors and clean walls. As he entered the building he closed the door behind him but left the door unlocked. He made a couple of steps towards me and before I could even say a word he put his hand in the middle of my back and pulled me towards him and kissed me passionately. Our lips met with a fury of passion and heat. Each of our tongues probing the others’ mouths. When I tried to pull away he wouldn’t allow me to. Instead he pulled me closer and forced his tongue deeper into my mouth. He held me there for a couple of seconds before finally pulling away.

“So you want to be my black slut for the night?” He said as he stared deep into my eyes.

I nodded my head yes. “Good.” he replied, “Get naked for me.”

I was shocked by the way he said this. I had never been with a man that took this much control over the situation. It was like he knew what I wanted before I even knew it. It made me embarrassed but also at the same time excited. I was so turned on being commanded and running away from my weak white boyfriend. I was so turned on, so ready to be his black slut for the night.

I quickly undressed. As I stood in front of him completely nude my body was quickly covered in goosebumps and started to shiver. I was scared of what he was going to do to me. But, I was also excited. I wanted him to use me. I wanted him to make me his whore.

“Get on your knees.” He commanded.

I quickly dropped down to my knees. I was trembling in anticipation. I didn’t know what was going to happen next. I just knew that I needed it.

“Close your eyes and open your mouth bitch.” he ordered. I had no other option but to obey. I opened my mouth wide, stuck out my tongue and closed my eyes.

I was so nervous. What if he bit me? What if he spit in my mouth? I had no idea what he was going to do. But I wanted him to do it. I wanted him to use me. I was wanting to be his little slut, his whore.

I heard his footsteps slowly coming my direction. I also think I heard what sounded to me like a door slowly opening too. However, the only thing I could focus on was the anticipation.

As I stopped hearing footsteps I could feel the warmth of his body next to me. I could also smell the strong odor of his big black balls dangling in front of my face. The next thing I felt was his hands grabbing the back of my head followed by his huge cock going into my waiting mouth.

He kept pushing and pushing until I could feel the tip of his cock reach the back of my throat. At that moment I opened my eyes and realized that I wasn’t even half way down his shaft. He kept thrusting and thrusting until finally my throat opened up and I was taking his big fat cock balls deep down my throat.

It felt so good gagging and choking on that fat cock. I had never even had a dream about a black man let alone deepthroating one! But I was too turned on to even think about that. He then started to use my mouth and throat like I was some sort of fleshlight. But I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was please him. I wanted to make him happy. Most importantly I wanted to show him that I was his black slut for the night. I was moaning around his cock, enjoying the taste of every square inch of that black cock. The more he fucked my mouth the louder I moaned.

I was in Heaven!

He then yanked on the back of my head pulling my head off his giant cock. “That’s enough sucking bitch!” He yelled as he pulled me to my feet. I was trying to catch my breath. I was also shaking from the nervousness of what is to come. I was scared and excited all at the same time. He bent me over, pushed my face against the wall, grabbed my hips and thrusted his giant monster cock deep into my pussy. He started to pound my pussy deep, hard and fast. At first I was screaming because of the pain.Then he went deeper and I was screaming because of the pleasure. I was then screaming because I wanted him to fuck me harder. Once he went faster I was screaming because I was horny. But most importantly I was screaming because I needed his seed. I needed to be his slut. I needed to be his whore.

As he continued to fuck me I continued to keep screaming. Begging for him to go deeper, harder and faster. I needed to scream mostly because I was cumming.

I came so hard. I squirted all over his cock. He continued fucking my pussy like nothing had happend. That only made me cum harder. He was grunting and groaning. His cock was buried deep inside of me. He was pounding me harder and harder.

I started to scream again. This time not because I was horny or in pain. This time was purely from the ecstasy of cumming again.

After I had finished cumming he let go of my hips and pulled his magnificent black cock out of my pussy. Immediately it felt like something was missing and I needed that cock back inside of me.

He laid down onto the hardwood floor and started to slowly rub his giant wet cock and said, “It’s your turn to do the fucking now.”

Before I could register what he said his cock had me hypnotized. All I could do is take that monster into my hands and suck off my juices from his cock. I sucked on the head, the shaft and his balls. I tried to take as much of that cock into my mouth as I possibly could. I was bobbing my head up and down on his cock. Tasting as much of my cum as I possibly could. I was slurping and moaning loudly on his cock. I was in love with it. I was in love with being his black cock sucking bitch.

“Alright, that’s enough whore. Time for you to ride this cock” he said.

I stood up, turned my back towards him and straddled that cock. I slowly started to guide myself down to the tip of his cock. This time I was not nervous, I was ready to re-live the pleasure of being fucked by this cock! I needed that cock inside me! However, it seems like he needed me more. Because once I got close enough he grabbed me by the hips and slammed my pussy balls deep on to that black cock.

I started to ride him like a wild woman. I was screaming, laughing, and crying all in an attempt to get him to fuck me harder. He kept slamming me down onto his cock. Making me ride him harder, and harder. I was begging him to keep making me cum.

“There you go bitch” He said, “Ride that cock like the little snow bunny you are!” Once he said that I came harder than I ever had in my life!

My body convulsed and shook. I was screaming and crying. I was cumming so hard. I was squirting all over his cock. I was screaming in pure ecstasy. I was screaming in pleasure. It was such an intense orgasm.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be fucked by him. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed having that big black cock inside of me. I couldn’t believe that I’ve never done this before.

I was lost in the moment. I was lost in the pleasure. I was lost in the pain. I was lost in everything. I was lost in the fact that I had just had the most amazing orgasm of my life. I was lost in the fact that he was still fucking me hard. I was lost in the fact I didn’t want him to stop fucking me. I was lost in the fact that I wanted more black cock!

That’s probably why when he told me that he was going to cum I just kept riding his cock. Because in that moment I didn’t care. I didn’t care if I wasn’t on birth control. I didn’t care that I was cheating on my boyfriend. All I wanted and cared about in that moment was his cum. I wanted to feel his seed shooting inside my fertile pussy. I needed his veiny, big, fat, black cock to explode deep inside my pussy. And as he did so I came knowing that I will likely get pregnant from this night.

When he finished cumming I slowly lifted off his cock and I could feel some of his cum leak out of my pussy. All I could do is lick it off the floor. As this man’s cum was not one to be wasted.

Once I had finished licking his cum off the floor he grabbed me by the hair and forced me to suck his cock clean.

When I finished sucking him clean all of my surroundings came back into focus.

It was then I noticed that his seven man posse had all snuck in while I was in a orgasmic bliss. They were all already naked and all stroking their impressive cocks.

After noticing what I was staring at, the leader then whispered in my ear, “Welcome to our gang slut. Are you ready for your initiation?”

I nodded yes.

To be Continued……………



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